Tubular West on The Freak Zone

9 Jun


Here’s a quick first report on current Torpor Vigil action.

Stuart Maconie expressed his enthusiasm about The Tubular West (“really getting into it”)  when he played a track on his BBC Radio 6 Freak Zone show last Sunday. Evidently in a test of its structural and sonic integrity, the engineer filtered out all the low frequencies. So listeners didn’t hear, for example, the terrific bass line played by Andrea Agostini–but the song still sounded great! Listen at 59:40 for Stuart’s introduction to “Plutos’s Matches” (or start at 52:55 if, like me, you’re a Gentle Giant fan):

Visit the TVR Soundcloud page to hear the full-frequency “Pluto’s Matches”:

Torpor Vigil recordings are now being distributed by Tedium House:

MP3s of The Tubular West and The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor are now available at iTunes.

To keep up with Samuel Andreyev in Europe, and elsewhere, follow him on Twitter:

That’ll do for now. Thanks for dropping by. I’ll have more for you soon.


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