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Happy Birthday to The Tubular West!

31 Jan

Tubular West Street Sign and Crossing Sign

To celebrate the first anniversary of The Tubular West, here’s Half-Dream, and some classics from earlier Samuel Andreyev releases:

My fond thanks and congratulations once again on a superb recording to Samuel Andreyev, Olivier Maurel, Ayako Okubo, Léo Maurel, Nicolas Dufournet and all the other musicians and recording engineers who were part of this remarkable project!
Steve Venright
Torpor Vigil Records

Dreaming Like Mad promo video

17 Jan

Kerry Zentner’s cover illustration for the 2014 Dion McGregor album from Torpor Vigil Records

Here’s the first promo video for the forthcoming Dion McGregor album.

Dreaming Like Mad with Dion McGregor (promo video)

Dreaming Like Mad cover illustration by Kerry Zentner

Two Classic Dreams by Sleeptalker Dion McGregor

17 Jan

Richard A. Kirk’s cover illustration for the 2004 Dion McGregor album from Torpor Vigil Records

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Dream World of Dion McGregor (Decca, January 1964), here are a couple of my favourite McGregor somniloquies. These are from the 2004 Torpor Vigil album The Somnolent Adventures of Dion McGregor: More Outrageous Recordings of the World’s Most Renowned Sleeptalker. The new album—Dreaming Like Mad with Dion McGregor—is scheduled for release in April of this year. These recordings were made by McGregor’s roommate Michael Barr. McGregor, amazingly, was fast asleep at the time.

There will be more and more Dion McGregor activity as the year goes along. Currently, there are projects underway on many fronts, including audio, film, publishing, theatre, and illustration. Hang on a minute and I’ll also post the promo video for the forthcoming release!

Steve Venright

Further Somniloquies cover by Richard A. Kirk

“Noisy fog” and other wonders of The Tubular West

3 Jan

Tubular West Back and Front Cover DetailsWelcome to the first TVR post of 2014 — a year in which we’ll mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first Dion McGregor album (The Dream World of …. from Decca) with the release of an enthralling new compilation called Dreaming Like Mad with Dion McGregor — Yet More Outrageous Recordings of the World’s Most Renowned Sleeptalker. Meanwhile, further news of The Tubular West,  Samuel Andreyev’s album of “haunting beauty” (Apparently Magazine).

In December, Jean Daniel did an hour-long Tubular West feature on his Radio Judaïca program Jazzology (Strasbourg), calling it “Un magnifique album de pop contemporaine”! In his between-tracks commentary, M. Daniel invoked a wide range of musical entities in an effort to convey the distinctive qualities and diversity of the recording:  Purcell, Schubert and Debussy through the Beatles, Bowie and Pink Floyd. One of the songs, he suggested, was like the soundtrack to an imaginary David Lynch film. Oh, and there was something about “noisy fog” (my translation) that I liked too.

Next up will be a live appearance by Samuel on the Radio France show RenDez-Vous (date to be announced soon).

There you have it, for the moment, but much more to come!
Steve Venright