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Christian Bök Reads Eunoia

28 Feb
Cover of Christian Bök's Eunoia CD (released by Coach House Books; recorded at Torpor Vigil)

Cover of Christian Bök’s Eunoia CD (released by Coach House Books; recorded at Torpor Vigil)

Eunoia, anyone? Here’s the Coach House Books-released Torpor Vigil recording of Christian Bök reading his phenomenal book Eunoia in its entirety:

Jill Battson’s Play About Dion McGregor

24 Feb
Kerry Zentner's illustration for Sleeptalker—Jill Battson's play about Dion McGregor

Kerry Zentner’s illustration for Sleeptalker—Jill Battson’s play about Dion McGregor

Thought you might enjoy seeing this program for the workshop reading of a play by Jill Battson. I’m hoping the time and resources will be there for Jill to resume this project.

Dreaming Like Mad Pre-Release News!

17 Feb

Portrait of Dion McGregor by Kerry Zentner (based on an uncredited photo in the 1964 Bernard Geis Associates publication The Dream World of Dion McGregor)

The release of Dreaming Like Mad (Yet More Outrageous Recordings of the World’s Most Renowned Sleeptalker) is slated for late May. To raise funds for the final phases of production—and just to get the word out—I’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign (see link below). The CD can now be preordered on the TVR website. The download version will be available via iTunes upon official release in May.

I’ve just finished digitizing 27 somniloquies that were previously unknown to me. These were considerately restored to the archive of McGregor recordings by Patrick Ramsay after he discovered several tapes stored among Michael Barr’s belongings. Michael, who recorded Dion’s somnolent monologues during the 60s, died in 2009, passionate to the end about the mad dreams of his old songwriting partner and roommate. Several of these long-lost dreams are truly outstanding, and I plan to incorporate a few of them into the DLM track list.

Dreaming Like Mad on Kickstarter:

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