“The Hate Song” by Michael Barr and Dion McGregor

8 Dec
Drssed to the Nines, featuring "The Hate Song" by Barr-McGregor

Drssed to the Nines, featuring “The Hate Song” by Barr-McGregor

Michael Barr’s dear friend Patrick Ramsey just tweeted this track from Mike’s MySpace page. “The Hate Song”—music by Michael Barr, words by Dion McGregor—is a song I love. Ceil Cabot and Bill Hinnant perform it brilliantly on the 1960 original off-Broadway cast recording of Dressed to the Nines (from Julius Monk’s revue Upstairs at the Downstairs). This came out early on in the somniloquy-recording era of Barr-McGregor, which likely began in 1959, contrary to previous reports.*


* I had stated that Barr’s recording of McGregor’s sleeptalking likely started in 1961. As I recall, Phil Milstein mentioned 1960 as a probably initiation of that phase. While listening yet again to the interview with Dion on the Long John Nebel Show, I heard him say that the recording of his dreams had already been going on for around five years prior to the 1964 release of the Dream World album and book. Mike Barr was never quite sure, during the last decade of his life, exactly when he began recording his roommate and songwriting partner; but given the fact that he and Dion were already sharing a space in the late fifties, it seems probably that the earlier date is closer to historical accuracy.

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