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The Tubular West Turns Two!

31 Jan

The Tubular WestTwo days after the Esprit Orchestra’s world premiere of Samuel Andreyev’s Flash of the Instant at Toronto’s Koerner Hall, we have another Andreyev-related occasion to celebrate. Two years ago today, his marvellous, category-defying album The Tubular West came into the world. Torpor Vigil Records lights the birthday cake with pride by striking up “Pluto’s Matches.”

Dion McGregor’s Love Scene — Strange Holiday (1945)

27 Jan

Dion McGregor (aka David Bradford) in Strange Holiday
Dion McGregor’s film career was brief, and (what would you expect) odd. Here he is, under the pseudonym David Bradford, as “Boy Friend” in the 1945 film Strange Holiday. In the scene, he is called “Joe”—but I suspect it was cheaper to bill him generically in the credits. (He’s not seen again, by the way, after 1:36.)

Dion Awakening from a Dream

26 Jan

Among the hundreds of recordings in the Torpor Vigil Records McGregor-Barr Somniloquy Tape Archive, there are only a few in which Dion can be heard to awaken at the end. Here’s the ending of one of the few dreams that doesn’t have a known original title. I’ll call it “The Storm” for convenience. At the dramatic conclusion of the dream, Dion is heard waking up, at which moment Mike Barr’s footsteps approach and a conversation ensues. Note the rather poignant ennui in Dion’s voice as he responds to Mike’s question about what he dreamt.

Samuel Andreyev on composing and the upcoming premiere of his latest work

12 Jan

Samuel Andreyev Interviewed by Alessandro Porco in Northern Poetry Review (2011)

3 Jan

Samuel Andreyev